Bike & Bullets

by Ted Anderson

I was riding my bike back to Cullowhee going up a hill, that was a straight section of road. I was on the edge of the road, there was no trafic coming toward me. This old beat-up, fully loaded logging truck came up behind me. Well, he passed  me within inches of hitting me and he could have given me plenty of room. I didn't like that shit! So I gave him the finger and called him names. He hit the brakes and stopped on that hill. He jumped out of the truck, and was standing in the the road. I rode up towards him. He was a crazed looking hillbilly, with bad intentions. So I got to 15 feet from him and did a quick U turn. He started to chase me, then figured out that wasn't going to work. So he ran back to his truck. I was just coasting slowly down hill , looking over my shoulder. He grabbed something out of his truck. Then I saw him aim a pistol at me. Well now I really started peddling. I heard the report of the gun, then heard a loud ping and felt a stinging on the back of my leg. At the bottom of the hill l looked back and he was in his truck and leaving. I felt the back of my leg and it was bleeding. The bullet hit my seat post just above my rear brake. There was a witness, and it was a big court case.

Heather Phillips